Landscape of Mykonos Greece
shrimp_souvliaki_ Greece

My name is Kel and I am a culinary travel writer and food photographer. Which means I write about and take pictures about food and travel. In fact, this blog contains only my works in the culinary travel world.

So what make me qualified as a culinary travel writer/ photographer? Well first and foremost, I know food. I have been a professional chef for 15+ years and have trained with some of the world greatest chefs and have developed a unique relationship with food. Second, I love to travel and do it a lot. Just recently I spent 14 days in Greece ,touring the city of Athens and the islands of Crete, Mykonos, Hydra, and Poros, visiting olive mills and vineyards, eating fresh seafood and mezze and touring the marvelous city markets. I met the some incredible people along the way, looked for sea glass on beaches, and drank some full flavored wines.  Greece now holds a special place in my heart and is beckoning me to return soon.

Food photography is also another passion of my mine and I was able to get some beautiful images showing the spirit of Greece. In fact 90% of the images posted on this site I have taken through out my travels.

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